Ashok Koshy
An internationally recognised photographer, his works adorn homes around the world and have graced the pages of leading journals in India and abroad. Three coffee-table books, Houses of Goa, Forest Gold and The Lawrence School – Lovedale (150th year), display his mastery with the lens. He is a recepient of the UNICEF award in 1985 for ‘Focus on the Girl Child in India. He lives with his son in an idyllic homestead on the backwaters of Kochi.
Manohar Prabhu
In this particular blip on the space - time continuum, he has been cast in the role of entrepreneur, visionary, poet, regular guy and joyous citizen of planet earth. At core, he rests in silence on the nurturing bosom of emptiness.

Discovering how extraordinary it is to be ordinary, from Brahma to a blade of grass, all things are his gurus. Stillness in the Tao flowered into this book- delightful wonderment. He offers his heartfelt gratitude to the many wonderful life-forms who have blessed him ..and continue to do so. And loves his cup of coffee at Koshy’s, one of the last redoubts of old Bangalore.



Scarab Media is the newly-launched Media Division of Scarab ( India) Pvt. Ltd. This division creates, publishes and markets various kinds of media products, including books, music, films, other audio-visual media, internet media, etc.

The first product of Scarab Media is "LightSongs", a book of photographs by Ashok J. Koshy and verse by Manohar Prabhu. Printed with superlative quality at Pragathi Press, Hyderabad, the First Edition consists of 2000 copies only, each copy numbered and signed by the authors. The book was launched at Bangalore at a small gathering of friends and media reporters held at Koshy’s Chill Out on 4th March 2008.